"Change... from the inside out."

Transform yourself, transform your life.

My Office is Moving

2015 has been a year of monumental change for me. I married a wonderful person, moved to Pennsylvania, and now, at age 40, am pregnant with our first child. Due to these changes, seeing clients in my New Jersey office is no longer feasible. As such, I am closing my office in Sparta, New Jersey on March 31, 2015. I will continue to be available via phone, email and skype to provide support for all of my previous clients. In 2016 I will open my new office in Pennsylvania, near New Jersey. Meanwhile, I will work with clients via skype. If you would like to schedule a free phone consultation or appointment, please call 917-402-9303 or use the “Contact” link to email.

My Philosophy

Each person is a unique individual. Not all people enter hypnosis exactly the same way, and people have different “suggestibility types.” Some people are more responsive to one type of suggestion over another; some people respond to visualization, others to sensory perceptions (kinesthetic suggestions), and other people are more responsive to auditory suggestion.

Moreover, what might be relaxing or inspiring to one person, might be unpleasant or frightening to another. What is effective for one person may do nothing for the next person.

For maximum success, I am careful to learn about the needs of my client, and tailor my approach to each client specifically. Each person is a unique individual, and is respected as such.

By paying careful attention to the client’s individual desires and goals, we work together to achieve those goals.
I am dedicated to providing you the highest quality session, working with honesty, integrity, and care.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which you are very relaxed yet highly focused. In hypnosis, we are able to bypass the conscious  critical thinking part of the mind which forms a barrier to the subconscious mind, so the suggestions we create during the hypnosis session enter directly to the subconscious mind, where  thoughts and behaviors can be more easily altered.  When you are given a new suggestion that is acceptable to you within your belief system and is congruent with what you wish to change in your self, your subconscious mind can accept the new behavior as reality.  When you are hypnotized, you feel relaxed, you are aware of what is being said, and can recall what occurred during the session.

Contrary to what many people believe, you are always in control during hypnosis.  No one can make you do anything against your moral or ethical values. You have to want to make the suggested change in your behavior in order for it to be effective.

Hypnosis is a safe and highly effective tool for self- improvement.

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